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Our Mission

To be the leading Construction Group and service providers around the globe, offering new and innovative  heightened construction projects and ideas.

Our Vision

We aspire to build a Construction Group that shall at all times bring quality and affordable construction services to all our clients and have it at heart to improve and fashion Africa’s look and lastly provide value for all our stakeholders.

Our Strategies/ Aims

-Develop fundamental skills and competencies by engaging hearts and
minds of our contractors in the learning and training systems of construction to keep them in line with modern ways of construction.
-Expansion of the company to be operational across the South African borders.
-Increase customer value through on-going improvements to construction methods and business administration for systems.
-Take on large quantity of big projects from the public sector with co-funding to increase and stabilize our financial stability and keep us competitive within the market.
-To monitor customer satisfaction by building a commuication system and listening to customers complaints at all times and offer resolutions for complaints.
-Offer Project Management Services for our clients.

TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions’ Strategy Is:

  • Undertaking of large scale public-sector and co-financed projects.
  • Construction of smaller scale public-sector projects via its affiliated Construction, Engineering and Maintenance companies throughout South Africa
  • Further enhancement of the company’s important presence in Private-Sector
  • Projects with the expansion of existing long-term client relationships
  • Expansion of its activities in supporting construction operations (building and construction, Renovation and improvement, Road and Civil, Maintenance and Repairs, Steel Structure, HVAC Services, Electrical Services, Plumbing and Autoclaves), via its affiliated production companies throughout South Africa.
  • Provision of Project Management services.
  • Entry into the sectors of project maintenance and operation.
  • Expansion of the company beyond the country’s borders.

Key factors ensure the achievement Of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions Goals:

  • Its leading position in the South African Construction, Engineering and Maintenance Sector
  • The necessary experience and know-how required for projects demanding high quality standards prompt completion and sophisticated technological solutions (e.g. Coega Project- 332 Projects completed, Landbank HVAC Maintenance Project etc.)
  • Its private ownership of modern equipment.
  • Its optimum financial status and robust capital structure.
  • Experienced and dedicated personnel.
  • Its broadening and firmly established clientele base.

Health & Safety Policy

Management Goals

  • Shows the commitment of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions management and workers to health and safety.
  • Aims to remove or reduce the risks to health, safety and welfare of all work contractors and visitors and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations.
  • Aims to ensure all work activities are done safely.

Management Responsibilities

Management of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions is responsible for providing and maintaining:

  • A safe working environment
  • Safe systems of work
  • Plant and substances in safe condition
  • Facilities for the welfare of all workers
  • Any information, instruction, training and supervision needed to make sure that workers are safe from injury and risks to their health

Workers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their own personal health and safety, and that of others in the workplace
  • Complying with any reasonable directions (such as safe work procedures, wearing personal protective equipment) given by management for health and safety

With our further unwavering commitment to the health and safety of employees on site and which is an integral  part to the way in which business conducted. To ensure a consistent and productive workforce in addition to  Occupational Health and Safety Act carry out the following practice:

  • Conduct first aid training for all site agents and foreman
  • Provide complete safety equipment to all personnel
  • Weekly safety meetings at all job site
  • Evaluation of occupational risk and application of appropriate measures
  • Safe guards

Environmental Policy

The respect and protection of the environment are the basic principles of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions  aiming at a long-term and environmental friendly development. Compliance with the national and South African legal requirements, as well as continual improvement of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions  environmental performance are the axis in which the environmental policy is formed, while contributing to the general sustainable development.  The targets of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions environmental policy are:

  • Pollution prevention.
  • Waste Ecological management
  • Rational management of natural resources.
  • Landscape restoration and tree planting.
  • Minimization of social and environmental nuisances in cooperation and mutual respect with third parties, such as organizations, institutions, agencies, etc.
  • Aesthetic of projects and their harmonic integration in the immediate and broader environment.
  • The investment in the workforce, in a cleaner environment, in the health and safety as well as in the relationships with the society in general, is part of the voluntary initiatives within the long term Corporate Social Responsibility program of TheLink Between Careers And Business Solutions.